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Vineyards are our passion.
We’ve been a family of winegrowers for nearly a century
and we craft great wines in the Friuli Colli Orientali area.


Making wine is a vocation to which our family brings a wealth of experience and expertise handed down through four generations. Our bond with the land and our effort to protect it are our shared and guiding passion. 

We feel we are the custodians of these hills, we safeguard them with our hard work and devotion and try embrace their spirit into our wine. Our winery, Fantin Nodar, sees every bottle as a precious gift to offer to the future.

Fantin Nodar Vini


A hill seemingly shaped by the blade of a huge axe (sclapade in the Friuli dialect) gives its name to the Montsclapade cru, where the river Natisone flows through the Colli Orientali between Buttrio and Premariacco.

Fantin Nodar Vini


Excellent international grape varieties and extraordinary terroir characteristics: this is Fantin Nodar style. Wines that have personality and, in keeping with their varietal characteristics, are elegant and recognizable.

Fantin Nodar Vini


The hills are our heritage and we work hard every day to look after them. Integrated pest control at low environmental impact is just one of the instruments that help us honour our pact with nature.

Fantin Nodar Vini

Colli Orientali 

From Tarcento, the climatic limit for winegrowing in Friuli, to sun-soaked Montsclapade and Rosazzo perched above the river, the Colli Orientali del Friuli are home to crus that figure in the world’s winegrowing heritage. As well as being places rich in history, traditions and culture.

Come meet us

Immersed in the vineyards of the Montsclapade cru, Fantin Nodar’s technological winery is open to visitors. Come and enjoy the extraordinary experience of listening to the breathing of the wines as they age in the barrel cellar.
Try them and get to know them.

You’ll find us here, at Montsclapade,
in the heart of the
Colli Orientali del Friuli

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Fantin Nodar


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Fantin Nodâr
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