We cultivate the vine defending
the ecological balance

Pheromone insect traps help us monitor our Montsclapade vineyards, so we can work towards a natural equilibrium by reducing and containing parasites of the vines and their fruit.

Mechanical equipment, such as trimmers, enables us to contain the proliferation of fungal parasites like downy and powdery mildew and botrytis. In this way we have completely eliminated antibotrytic treatments and replaced Mancozeb and Folpet with fungicides containing lower environmental impact active ingredients.

The winery’s waste water from washing is treated by a recently built 300 square metre phyto-evapotranspiration system planted with hygrophilous shrubs. Moreover, a solar power plant provides 20 kW of sustainable electrical energy.

The pressing need to respect the environment and flora and fauna of the Montsclapade cru is also assured by limiting the area of cultivated land. Woods and meadows still account for 50% of the area covered by our vines: of the Fantin Nodar’s 30-hectare estate only 20 are under vines.

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Immersed in the vineyards of the Montsclapade cru, Fantin Nodar’s technological winery is open to visitors. Come and enjoy the extraordinary experience of listening to the breathing of the wines as they age in the barrel cellar.
Try them and get to know them.

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