Viticulture: perfection through repetition

The mystery of country life is veiled by its apparent repetitiveness. In practice, it’s the perennial performance of painstaking operations that enables winegrowers to know their vineyards and achieve a perfect balance between nourishing and working the land, pruning the vines and tending their vegetative growth, fruiting and ripening.

We make wine with grapes we grow exclusively in our own vineyards in the Montsclapade cru, the heart of the DOC Friuli Colli Orientali.
Nearly a century of winegrowing experience is a guarantee of excellent quality wines made with full respect for the environment and traditions.

Dario, Luciano, Demis and Nicola
Fathers and sons, a journey that continues

The family began making wine when Antonio Ermacora bought a 4-hectare plot, including the farmhouse, in 1922.
In addition to winegrowing, they cultivated forage crops and cereals according to a subsistence model typical of the post-war agricultural economy of the time.

In the late ‘70s, Antonio handed over to his son Marino and grandsons Luciano and Dario. It was they who trusted in the potential of their hills and made grapes their sole crop. They bought more land and devoted energy and passion to winemaking, a commitment now carried forward by great-grandsons Demis and Nicola.

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Immersed in the vineyards of the Montsclapade cru, Fantin Nodar’s technological winery is open to visitors. Come and enjoy the extraordinary experience of listening to the breathing of the wines as they age in the barrel cellar.
Try them and get to know them.

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